EXO Sehun, 'Deep eyes The Gift'

Departure to EXO Sehun, 'Break through'

EXO Sehun, 'Departure not be easy to defeat I'

EXO Sehun 'Chic cuteness'

EXO Sehun 'A Handsome'

EXO Sehun, 'Charming Airport fashion'

EXO Sehun 'Japan fans meet and come~'

EXO Sehun 'A dazzling piece looks'

EXO Sehun 'The Mask descended, and the handsome check'

Overseas schedule leaving EXO Sehun

EXO Sehun 'Fans of the flash baptism'

EXO Sehun, 'A chic departure enjoy'

EXO Sehun, 'Frankfurt Airport from The Mask is essential'

EXO Sehun 'Sexy Neckline'

EXO Sehun 'Next, complete'

EXO Sehun, 'Music along with Departure'

EXO Sehun 'Music with or enjoy'

EXO Sehun, 'Eyes as say it.'

EXO Sehun 'Can't be obscured visual'

EXO Sehun 'Warming next line'