"The late set and condolences" Song Hye-kyo, 17 Porto Chocolate event cancellation

Song Hye-kyo Porto Chocolate event cancellation "Showbiz Vivo, mourning with a sense of clear crystals"(official)

"Late the mourning" Song Hye-kyo, 17, jewellery Porto Chocolate event cancellation

Actor Song Hye-kyo attend was scheduled to give this cancellation was.

Accents, lovely charms

Kim Nam-joo, appeared from Sight Sweep

Sulli 'Elastic that the real Beautiful looks'

Sulli 'Sight-catching large ring earring'

Sulli,'Fashion icon of the'

Sulli 'This Beautiful looks with the truth'

Sulli she only digestible fashion

Sulli 'A smile in return.'

Park Min-young 'Maybe he is, fresh things'

Park Min-young 'The first one that I have'

Park Min-young 'The bread with the poses themselves, but only'

Park Min-young 'The real beauty of Majesty'

Park Min-young 'Shine Hair'

Park Min-young 'Neighbors. true.'

Sulli 'Little face full of Jesus joy'

Lee Je-hoon 'For admission'