"Seolleongtang three sisters"..Liu Shan X Kim Soyeon X Kim your glasses, 'Three Los Angeles dates' Bonbangsasu to shot

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'World pretty my daughter' Kim to change, by Kim-Sook and Liu Shan and Kim So-Yeon and the first out "Go"

The movie 'Real'(Director Fixed Pay Distribution little Subic Pacific's)in the English lesson, taking the role of IS Song Sae-byeok 7 December pictorial was unveiled.

Liu Shan 'Shining Romance silk Dress'

'Mind in has'..Liu Shan, the movie introduced tears plonk

Liu Shan 'Loved mother in not easy Acting'

Liu Shan, the'Dress from the Shoe up White fashion'

Children of Liu Shan, the'Fake mom of Reversal in One Piece'

Liu Shan, Kim Yoo-jung praised in the mood UP

Liu Shan, 'With a charming smile'

Liu Shan 'Killer heel in a Be watchful stance'

Liu Shan, 'What this all OK'

Liu Shan 'Posing with confidence'

Yi Dong-hwi and Liu Shan and Zhang new female Director 'Children of' the