Leeteuk this summer towards a much better screen than the public.

Kim Jong-kook "Lee Sun-bin 'so-called' Appearances were with Lee Kwang-soo met you" jokes

Leeteuk, comfortable with their Departure

Lee Sung-kyung - Leeteuk,'Arms folded and stance'

Lee Sung-kyung - Leeteuk, 'Us today MC~'

Lee Sung-kyung - Leeteuk, today is MC

Lee Sung-kyung - Leeteuk, 'Resembling like two people'

Lucky Twice Lucky Twice, the beautiful fairy beauty 'The world is alone.'

Super Junior D & E, "Debut 14 years, I want to keep challenging until I die"

Leeteuk Bonn airport staff to take care of Airport fashion

Choi Siwon, My Wannabe, Lee Soo-man ... (ft. Kim Min Jong Leeteuk Changmin)