'Ago brought Jung Woo-sung, the Date the request+bouquet gift. Lee Young-ja is melted.

Lee Young-ja 'Song Xing Madam More..Here'

"Lee Jung-jae degrees Apple audience"..'Ago brought Jung Woo-sung, Jung Hae In the Lee Young-ja eat the other 2 certification(comprehensive)

Lee Young-ja, I drink fluttering surprise Play blue eyes

Lee Young-ja, thought for a moment, and Hello Work

Lee Young-ja, today is the battle recording day!

Lee Young-ja, a footfall

Lee Young-ja, a hand and swipe

'By 2018 and more', MBC Lee Young-ja laugh and SBS Lee Seung-gi cries

'Bob Blessou' Song Eun-yi "Dark & ​​amp; Wild, I thought it would be big."

'Bob Blessou' Lee Young-ja, "The Dark & ​​Wild, I will die." Panic Authentication

'Bob Blessou' Lee Young-ja, Dark & ​​amp; I did not see Wild, 'reversal' .. "I saw it?"

'Bob Blessou' Lee Young-ja "Dark & ​​amp; Wild, I will not see you this way." Panic Explosion

'Bob Blessou' 51 years old Lee Young-jaX58 Hwa-Jeong Choi's swimsuit, why are you crazy