"Bob will also, the elegant"..Lee Yeong-ae in public 'Innate and fascinating images'

Actress Lee Yeong-ae elegant look as a meal waiting to reveal.

Kim Hye and Lee Yeong-ae to read World Literature

Lee Yeong-ae, Jung Woo-sung, spots, Kim beneficiaries and other domestic top Actor's voice as a world masterpiece novel you can hear me.

Actress Lee Yeong-ae fashion magazine First Impressions 1 June in the fantastic atmosphere of the pictorial to the public.

'Motherhood'is the command Actor the trainer?

Lee Yeong-ae, Bae Suzy from "You or good." Wit only a hint(All The Butlers)

'All The Butlers' Lee Yeong-ae, Bae Suzy from "You or good."..Park Na-rae in "I so invited want"

'All The Butlers' Lee Yeong-ae, "A word to the other side 'non-essential'Can be"..warm the horse's importance stressed

'All The Butlers' Lee Yeong-ae, 'Pretty Horses', highlighting the reason "Took the Spit is 'word', 'rate' Can be in"

'All The Butlers' Lee Yeong-ae, 'Mom, Lee Yeong-ae of'day and 'The horse's weight'