"Medical thanks"..Choi Siwon', 'Thanks to the challenge' join→Lee Tae-min and Kai now

Group Super Junior member Choi Siwon ' this new coronavirus infection(Corona 19) for overcoming the struggle and thank the medical message that 'Thanks to the challenge'and participated.

SHINee Lee Tae-min "My job is the positive energy that pride has"

"This paces" EXO Kai, Lee Tae-min Iced coffee The Gift impressed

EXO Baekhyun, Super EMS members take 'Warming type'

"Shining Romance the visuals were" (Lee Tae-min, Monsta X, Yoon Ji-sung, Online & off)

Lee Tae-min, 'The fans gave The Gift along with the commute'

2 and solo singers of the moon is no exaggeration to say.

Lee Tae-min, soft eyes

Handed to the soldiers that Lee Tae-min

Lee Tae-min, a mask with cool attitude full

SHINee's member, and as a solo artist is also a grab and Lee Tae-min fashion magazine Maria Grazia Cucinotta 2 on the cover.

Lee Tae-min 'Breath Hook Hook'(Airport fashion)

'SHINee' Lee Tae-min, The Person Height hand Hand greeting

'SHINee' Person Height,Lee Tae-min hour for the Hand greeting

Korea 'Dancing you dancing Queen' open, well-that person was me!!

Lee Tae-min 'Kangta to inherited Hair style'

Lee Tae-min, 'Covering want to avoid.'