Comedian Lee Su-ji the 'Shipbuilding marriage counseling place Flower per(the Flower per)' PR into a fairy and took an active part.

Lee Sung-kyung, KBS Drama Special 'Romantic floor from the Kim Part 2'with The Resident station and take in.

Lee Su-ji 'They are not Artistic sensation armed with a Sorn '

Lee Su-ji 'Sorn the new owners of the Jolly laughter~'

Lee Su-ji 'Sign in delightful Dublin~'

Lee Su-ji 'Who used to well~'

Performer Song Dae this gag woman Lee Su-ji's marriage celebrated.

Lee Su-ji 'Woven, you were surprised?'

Unity 'Enchanting Sikmi'

Unity Woo Hee 'Cheungsong retro charm More trumpets Cheongpa Ji ~

Lee Su-ji 'A sincere smiling angel'

Unity Yevin 'Shy cute cuteness ~'

Unity's 'Attractive blonde hair, distinctive elegance'

Lee Su-ji, a diet-loving beauty

'Songwon Plaza' Park Sung-Kwang "Park, Ji-sun than Onami" (ft.

Lee Su-ji, "Treadmill Exercises While Watching Galbi Home Shopping"

Narsha, Live Up to Your Name 'Just filming'

NC.A 'Small but ratio 8'