EXO Guardian, performances on the whole Lee Soo-man and then shot..see sat floor the game up?

EXO Guardian, SM chief Lee Soo-man and then shot.."Thanks"

EXO Guardian, Lee Soo-man and Itoda-shot "Sir thank you"

Lee Soo-man, The EXO Guardian on 'Kim Ye-won Chuck'..Itoda one-shot 'Snowy Road'

EXO Guardian, Lee Soo-man and Itoda one-shot "Thank you. Sir"

EXO Guardian, SM Lee Soo-man Cheering in a laugh "Thanks"

"I like my audition process, I'll create it"is Lee Soo-man of SM to the President of the China fans "EXO or well Packed as"

Red Velvet, Lee Soo-man Doctor Who The Gift Certificate Shot "Smile spring teacher"

EXO Baekhyun, Lee Soo-man in 3 hours or scold you?

'Radio Star' EXO Sehun, Lee Soo-man received from Jesus life set.. Baekhyun, "I related to you was"

'Radio Star' EXO Baekhyun this SM Entertainment Producers Lee Soo-man mentioned.

Baekhyun "Super M member selection criteria? Lee Soo-man pick"

Beauty Media "'Lee Soo-man producing' Super Siem Reap, the biggest cheers..K-pop this that the debut will be"

Group Girls' Generation movie 'Exit' premiere to find members YoonA, cheer said.

"We are the heart of the fans," EXO and EXO El one time that the 'EXplOration'

EXO Baekhyun "Lee Soo-man, EXO chat room in the current gag..reaction harder to"

EXO Baekhyun "Pre-orders volume 40 million imagine not, SM Lee Soo-man City proud of the album"

Baekhyun "Lee Soo-manPD and EXO was the only way made..not the current gag you like"

Baekhyun "Lee Soo-man, Sir, EXO Dont bother each other 'Not resume your' A lot of you"

Baekhyun "SM Lee Soo-man, EXO was the only way in the Not resume your..'reading coffee'Had"