Actress Song Hye-kyo and the Holy Ghost by SEO Kyoung-Duk, Professor Russia, Moscow located in the 'Choi Jae-hyung Park'in Hangul 1 million donated.

'Dragon God bow to' Lee So-yeon, Jae Hee and Jo An and Xpathi "Because he's not gonna be"

Lee So-yeon - Jo An 'In fashion a little nervous wrote.'

Lee So-yeon - Hee 'Sunflower smile wide'(dragon God bow.)

Lee So-yeon 'Sight-catching just like a'

Lee So-yeon,'Jo An Grab and carefully stairs down'

Jo An and Lee So-yeon, a lovely Black Panther&White combination

Lee So-yeon 'Literally dazzling Dress'

Lee So-yeon 'Graceful beauty'

Jo'an town off Lee So-yeon an example of joy

Lee So-yeon - Jo An 'the Season to oblivion for a time for fashion'

Lee So-yeon, 'Time after Time~'

Lee So-yeon 'Move when the shiny all-black fashion'

Kim Hyung-Min 'in Striking fashion'

Lee So-yeon - Hee 'Black Panther with a fashion fit'

Jo An - Lee So-yeon 'Sisters just like to'

Re-Hee - Lee So-yeon, the line of her couples