Actress Lee Min-jung this status.

Coming 12 October 1, the first broadcast will be SBS new Weekend Special 'Fate and fury'(extreme basic steel hero, rendering the margins) 1st Teaser with the public.

Lee Min-jung, who has been around for years,

'Lee Byung Hun ♥' Lee Min-jung, 'It's not old.'

Lee Min-jung 'All-eye glamorous beauty'

Lee Min-jung, 'Close-ups'

"I put the lake." .. Lee Min-jung, Shining Romance Eyes

Lee Min-jung 'Surprised rabbit eyes'

Lee Min-jung 'Beautiful head turned'

Lee Min-jung, 'Moment of Eye'

Lee Min-jung, 'Zero-defect visual'

Lee Min-jung, 'Preview Fall Fashion'

Lee Jung-hyun X Lee Min-jung Express Friendship "Sick body and shooting scene and cheering"

Lee Min-jung "Coming back to character research + living together as a mother"

Lee Min-jung Beautiful looks

Lee Min-jung, heart to heart refreshing

Lee Min-jung, the goddess's smile

Lee Min-jung, boasting superb Beautiful looks

Lee Min-jung, elegance that snatches eye