Lee Min-jung 'Lee Byung-hun, this semi-elegant Deer-eyed'

Lee Min-jung 'Stiletto heel shoes and as well'

Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-jung for manners.

Lee Min-jung So Yi-hyun 'Black fashion, cool or beautiful'

Lee Min-jung 'Unchanging beauty'

Free, Theatre de easy..and and!

Free, Theatre de easy..and and!

'The Fort' mother, Ben Rogers, Lee Min-jung, Beautiful looks marveled at the "Lee Byung-hun this Bae Suzy was right."

Oh Yoon-ah, Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-jung and Gong Hyo-jin..The Birthday Party belongs to the brilliant human 'Eye-catching'

Oh Yoon-ah, The Birthday Party, Son Ye-jin→Lee Min-jung this awards Lineup

"Hookup, fabulous neighborhood"..Oh Yoon-ah, The Birthday Party, Lee Min-jung, Gong Hyo-jin and Son Ye-jin up '★All'

Oh Yoon-ah with awards to avoid The Birthday Party scene to the public.

Actress Lee Min-jung this status.