"Thanks brother"..Rain, Lee Jung-jae Iced coffee The Gift in a heart-warming Celebratory photo

'Aide' Lee Jung-jae, seen near the number of 'Attractiveness' Celebratory photo Public

Chapter reproduction coach tears to wipe Lee Jung-jae

Lee Jung-jae, Cinema illuminate the warming

Lee Jung-jae 'Also pose a'

'To' Lee Jung-jae, find a Pastor

"The truth of the"..Lee Jung-jae X Jung Woo-sung, Frankfurt Airport is open two close

Lee Jung-jae 'A dark theater, illuminate the heart-warming Hand greeting'

Lee Jung-jae 'The Gift also here. as~'

"Lee Jung-jae degrees Apple audience"..'Ago brought Jung Woo-sung, Jung Hae In the Lee Young-ja eat the other 2 certification(comprehensive)

Jung Woo-sungVSLee Jung-jae the house, a fight broke Parking Fit Battle

Lee Jung-jae, not trouble~

To Lee Jung-jae,'Trembling footsteps'

Park Jung Min, more slender with the jawline (To Production report society)

Lee Jung-jae 'Feel good eye out then'