Lee Joo-yeon's gorgeous Hair style this topic.

Lee Joo-yeon, this blonde had morphed into.

Lee Joo-yeon "When I look beautiful? When you focus on something"

Lee Joo-yeon 'A garment that no one can digest'

Lee Joo-yeon 'A gazebo'

Lee Joo-yeon, Paris I will be against your brilliant eyes.

Lee Joo-yeon 'Rain and wind are huge.'

"Feel set" .. Lee Joo-yeon

Running Man Lee Lee Elijah X Lee Jia X Lee Lee Joo-yeon

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Lee Joo-yeon → Stern and Jeon So-min, 'Running Man' After School

'Running Man' Lee Joo-yeon X Song Ji-hyo X Jeon So-min X Stern

Lee Joo-yeon 'Unique waist belt'

Lee Joo-yeon 'Chinami seems to be wearing a jacket'

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-soo "Lee Joo-yeon, after drinking with you all day ..."

Lee Joo-yeon, best friend Jeon So-min and 'Running Man' Celebratory photo  "A long time entertainment"