Lee Jin-wook 'Cheongdam-dong in the ultimate you'


Lee Jin-wook, 'Handsome'

Soo Ae "It's homework to make an unconventional act, unfamiliar."

'Boys II Men' Lee Jin-wook, Impossible to 'Detective Bereavement' Transformation

Choi Siwon - Lee Jin-wook, 'Smile'

Choi Siwon - Lee Jin-wook, 'Smile'

Jung Yu-mi's men .. Kim Ji-seok x Lee Jin-wook "I need romance"

"Date" Kim Ji-seok X Lee Jin-wook, a well-liked figure

Lee Jin-wook, abs in the jacket

Lee Jin-uk, "Love's bullet Pangya Panya"

Koh Hyun Jung, "The official seat for the first time in two months since the return situation"

Koh Hyun Jung, surprised at the fan's support phrase

Koh Hyun Jung, how was the first official seat after the debate? "Misunderstandings reflect on"

Koh Hyun Jung, "Please expect acting breathing with Lee Jin-uk"

Koh Hyun Jung, "I have made many reflections since I declined return"

"This atmosphere, overwhelming .." Lee Jin-wook Ko Hyunjung, deep eyes