'Three hundred sixty five'with Lee Jia death a turning point as the reset from the new international is the middle Yang Dong-geun, this new center figures appeared.

Actor Lee Jia(29)in the whole company in one cooker rice was Jung Woo-sung about mentioned.

This year, thirty-year-old Lee Jia with you as aspirations revealed.

Lee Jia 'Clear, clean image'

Lee Jia "Lee Kwang-soo, it's the same with my Brother .."

'Running Man' Lee Jia "Lee Kwang-soo, too similar to About Her Brother"

Running Man Lee Lee Elijah X Lee Jia X Lee Lee Joo-yeon

'Running Man' Lee Jia "Lee Kwang-soo resembles his younger brother" .. 'Artistic sensation' Explosion

'Running Man' victory, 'Laughter Overall Gift Set' from dance to penalties

'Running Man' Lee Jia, Lee Kwang-soo's About Her Brother 'How similar is you'

"It was a girl group Tite member" .. 'Running Man' Lee Jia's reversal past

'Running Man' actor Lee Jia, group 'Tite'

Lee Jia, 'Running Man'

"Forget About Lee Byung Hun" .. 'Running Man' Lee Jia, 'Tite' to 'Casina' 'Anti charm'

'mission' Lee Jia Lee, 'Running Man' in Sunmi 'Casina'

'Hattu 3' Lee Jia "Thank you for your unexpected attention," Running Man'Also appearing "

Lee Jia 'Two-handed belly button greetings'

Han Eun-jung, 'Bold See through Costume'

Lee Jia - Nam Sang-mi 'Before and after molding'

Lee Jia - Nam Sang-mi 'After-molding, after-shooting,'