Lee El "I call?"

Lee El 'Minimalist by perfect fashion'

Lee El 'Flash the baptism in surprise'

Lee El 'Snowy Road, slipping along cautiously'

'Best divorce' Bae Doona X Lee El Woman Woman Kimi Explosion Frenzy Divorce party

'Best divorce' Lee El, encouraging watching with a bright smile 'I have to see'

Bae Doona, elegant earrings!

Lee El, 'A dazzling entry'

"I'm going to divorce now." .. X Bae Doona - Lee El X Son Seokgu poster public

'Best marriage' official poster released .. Cha Tae-hyun X Bae Doona Lee El X Son Seokgu, special chemistry

Lee El 'Model Shaving Ratio'

Steven Yeun → Bae Suzy → Lee El, ★ SNS controversy caused by carelessness

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