Izone Lee Chae-yeon, 'I did you call me?' (Airport fashion)

Jang Won-young 'Cold looking Airport fashion'

Izone Jang Won-young 'Today pretty?'

Lee Chae-yeon 'Gorgeous blonde'

'Izone' Lee Chae-yeon pure image memory divergence

Izone (IZ*ONE) Lee Chae-yeon 'Sight Sweep for Beautiful looks'

Izone (IZ*ONE) Lee Chae-yeon ,Kim Min-joo 'departure to light after footfall

Izone Jang Won-young '15-year-old your little one is real cute appeared'

Izone Kang Hye-won 'Lee Chae-yeon, spray touch'

Lee Chae-yeon, 'Believe and dance in charge'