Izone Lee Chae-yeon, so pretty with status 'Jawline in Vail seemed'

Lee Chae-yeon the pale makeup on the beauty showed off it.

Group Izone(IZ*ONE)is the first album official photo to reveal the full-fledged comeback preheated in fired.

Group Izone(IZ*ONE) Lee Chae-yeon The Daily released a photo.

Within a group Izone this overseas schedule 5 6 am Seoul Gangseo Gimpo International Airport via the Tokyo, Japan, as a departure.

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, in the morning still brightly!

Izone Lee Chae-yeon 'The presence'

Lee Chae-yeon, 'Light footsteps'

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, love greetings

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, 'Cuteness-filled smile~'

Izone inside the Eugene - Lee Chae-yeon, 'The exhilarating moment'

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, '# 1 fans after the game towards the thumb!'

Lee Chae-yeon, 'Bright smiled and'

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, innocence Shining Romance Self disclosure..Beautiful looks explosive

Lee Chae-yeon, Izone dancing you dancing Queen

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, Happiness one smile

Izone Lee Chae-yeon, this eyes are attractive.

Izone Kim Chaewon - Lee Chae-yeon, elegance and Entrance

Izone Kim Chaewon - Lee Chae-yeon 'the Same training different feeling'

Izone 'The Way Home the footfall'