Park Seo-joon, Gong Yoo movie, 'Small investment' La Strada opened "In just 5 minutes, 1 billion Mall to"

Has landed at 1 year has not been on the music broadcast 'M! COUNTDOWN', 'More show'at No. 1 for more events in The Walking boy group Ateez(ATEEZ/Kim Hong-Joong and Park and Yoon-Ho and the river by top and the best production and Song Min here and there and the final number). A team within vocal is responsible for fans of love to elicit and members that are the best product(Choi San)this 10-day birthday.

'Spring night' Han Ji-min♥Jung Hae In, the marriage ending with La Strada.. still far away

Actor Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo although the divorce as the different La Strada, and ended up walking, but as an actor the business of faithful to professional shows and many of the fans cheering and getting attention.

Actor Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo Couple's divorce news for the fans so far to hand, two people in front of the day went to cheer.

Joy the juicer's had.

This time management Exercise that status to the public.

BTS "New La Strada pioneered the burden..the Music is faithful to the effort"

BTS "K-pop seniors, thanks to pioneering could"

BTS, Thailand with La Strada

Lee Joon-gi, "Yet as an actor to go to La Strada this far."

Ong Seong-wu 'La Strada a bit more please'

Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo Separation, devotees 10 months 'on Each of the La Strada'

Shin Se-kyung, 'Hong Kong with La Strada'

Hwang Min-hyun, a photo shoot with La Strada this photoshoot

Wanna One Ong Seong-wu, the drama heroine, starring Confirm.."A long Time dream of La Strada"

Wanna One Ong Seong-wu, authentic solo activities Stones is small "A long Time dream of La Strada"