Weki Meki three L Lee, a Fashion show to attend..L Li "A good experienced."

Argentina famous medium, BTS Jungkook Pan focus lighting

Weki Meki (Weki Meki) member index, L Li,, Lu, Li, Lucy Japan promo days and 1 month 15 days afternoon in Seoul Gangseo way car Gimpo International Airport through Airport fashion, and entry.

Key for key index Smoking 'Like a deer-eyed~'

To keep Kim Smoking 'The formula need not that desperate parents'

To keep great the Best free can for or.'

효린 'Time sense someone and~'

인피니트 L 'Event perfect visual'

하연수 'Long boots and stately pace'

산다라박 'Admiring my beauty visual'

효연(Girls' Generation) '오늘도 우아한 입장'

하연수 'A walking~'

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon 'I see I see the models cheeks.'

Hyoyeon(Girls' Generation) 'everyone is surprised Price black fashion~