Wanna One Park Jihoon, 2 9 first single-Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08

The lovely Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min, Shining Romance, Beautiful looks

Management - Kim So-hyun 'When I am in the laureate~'

Management - Kim So-hyun, dazzling visual couple

Blue Dragon's pick of faces

Kim Yoon-seok - Han Ji-min 'Blue dragon bear~in'

Han Ji-min - Kim Yoon-seok 'Blue dragon bear inside~'

Son Ye-jin, real beauty from the admiration

Lee Ji-eun 'Snow White'

IU 'The dress is a little long.'

IU, 'Lee, Ji - Eun' is the largest award

IU, 'An eye-catching beauty'

Song Eun-yi, Jung Hae In Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation / 08 Progress Celebratory photo  "The true state of the country"

Jung Hae In 'Appearing with a long legs'