EXO Sehun, Sikh men attractive

'Replace the screen than most' EXO Sehun, Paris of the South his status

Actor Ji Chang-wook this fashion brand, CK Calvin Klein global Model was picked.

PSY, the 'I' Queen Brian May and the shoulder alongside the "Castle Hill"

'Squid order edit' it guests, Park Seo-joon and Jang Hyuk♥ "Sleep, and Korea KBS Drama Special Look"

'All The Butlers' door, the ♥Chapter level exchange Director and the film live as a way

French actress and Director Melanie Laurent is Kang Ha-neul's ideal type as a cited source have revealed.

Boise investment man Shawn Stockman,'Korea thought of meeting their fans at'

Culture, Sports and tourism and the Korea Tourism Corporation of the Year 'Korea Tourism of stars'to Nakan eupseong, the light of the bunker, male group, EXO, etc 7 tourism resources selected and 10 days revealed.

10(Tue), 3 p.m. Seoul Jangchung-Dong Shilla Hotel Guest House Topaz Hall 'in 2019 Korea Tourism Star Awards'the was held.

Come Henhai Korea contribute to the development of the 'Korea Tourism of stars's heroine, who is going to be.

Nakan eupseong(Suncheon), Taehwa River Country Garden(Ulsan), only to Skywalk(Danyang), South with cypress forest woodland(Changxing)with Korea Tourism's stars were.

This year, the Korea Tourism the tourism resources with Nakan eupseong and the Taehwa River, such as 7 tour resources were chosen.

U2 Di edge, 'Korea's winter scenery watch later'

The first time Korea found U2's performances

EXO Kai, biker men, but GQ selected '2020 George Best Dresser' 7

EXO Kai, biker GQ selected 'George Best Dresser' 7

Kai, biker magazine selected '2020 George Best Dresser' 7..K-POP artist only

Kai, biker magazine selected '2020 George Best Dresser' 7..K-pop star as the only

EXO Kai, biker fashion magazine GQ selected '2020 George Best Dresser' 7