The movie 'The Terminator: dark paint' (Director Tim Miller) red carpet events 21 PM Seoul Yeongdeungpo-GU Yeouido IFC Mall opened.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Nice Korea'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Korea fans all nice~

The movie 'The Terminator: dark paint' (Director Tim Miller) within a Press conference this 21 am, Jung-GU, Seoul Gwanghwamun at the Four Seasons Hotel was held.

Juan Gabriel Luna,Korea came in as the Korean site!!!

The movie 'The Terminator: dark paint' Arnold Schwarzenegger is my for I was.

Korea finds 'The Terminator' original member

Natalia Reyes 'Korea I love you'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 21 am Seoul, Jongno-GU, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul in The movie 'The Terminator: dark paint' within a media conference for Nov.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Korea to find The Terminator

Linda Ronstadt Hamilton 'How are you doing?.. Korea is the first sort of thing?'

Actor Lee Seung-gi never in a brilliant Reversal, for example, and was.

Out American it, by 'Friends' star.."BIFF, when Korean Karaoke one"

Kang So-ra "'Sunny' Indonesia popular proud and pleased"

The 24th Busan International Film Festival the 3-day opening ceremony to start with ten days of as.

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Ha-nui from Im Yoon-ah and adjust the seat up..the 24th annual BIFF light to send gorgeous ★feast

Actor Claudia Kim, this elegant and alluring visuals boasted.

30 p.m. Seoul Gwanghwamun Four Seasons Hotel Open in a new example program, 'Harp holiday' production presentation attended actor Kim Yoo-jung this overseas in to and feel the point to this story.

Lifetime channel's new for 'Harp holiday'starred actors Kim Yoo-jung this in Italy, living Korea Food this, and the sad, he said.

'Harp holiday' Kim Yoo-jung "Italy stand to suffer a lot of sun, Korea Food and was"