Ko Sung-hee, fans sent Rice garlands Celebratory photo "So thank you and love you"

Yoon Hyun-min Ko Sung-hee with the illusion of Kemi and was.

Ko Sung-hee, exciting and brimming with pure beauty~

Ko Sung-hee, Real bingo friends laugh first look 'Here you have the new Beautiful looks'

Ko Sung-hee with Lee Jong-Suk received from the Iced coffee The Gift to the public.

Kim Dong-wook - Ko Sung-hee 'balloon ring The Gift'

Ko Sung-hee 'Hwang Bo Ra Sister hug.'

Ko Sung-hee 'Shutter called real Beautiful looks'

Kim Dong-wook Ko Sung-hee 'Each and'

Kim Dong-wook 'balloon ring as a marriage proposal'

Ko Sung-hee 'Silhouette beyond beautiful her'

Pose take Ko Sung-hee - Stella - ID - Jang Jae-in - Car us

Ko Sung-hee, the audience melted Attractiveness wink~

Kim Dong-wook, they Audience hot and popular~

Ko Sung-hee, they the audience is also surprised to the real terminal

Ko Sung-hee, the audience melting smile~

Ko Sung-hee, the audience gazing eyes in the honey moon~

Ko Sung-hee, lovely single with her~

Ko Sung-hee, the audience and the stage position of