Ko So-young, Jung Yoon birthday The Party Celebratory photo ..The Gift such Beautiful looks

'Lee Jung-hyun marriage' Son Ye-jin and Ko So-young, but Beautiful looks of the Actresses

Ko So-young 'Off-the-shoulder Dress in the perfect ratio'

Ko So-young, the Camera on the fence and would like to elegance

Ko So-young 'Fascinating shapes'

Ko So-young 'The dazzling whiteness of the fashion'

Ko So-young to play charm point

Ko So-young 'Debut Beautiful looks intact, for the child both mom'

Ko So-young 'Sight to Sweep to enter

Ko So-young 'Unwavering alluring Beautiful looks'

Ko So-young 'Pure white pure white Dress entrance'

Ko So-young 'Majesty of the original flower girl'

Ko So-young 'Bright fashion that attracts attention' (Prospect)

Ko So-young 'A visual that everyone admires' (Prospect)

Ko So-young 'See-through skirts full of sense'

Ko So-young, husband Jang Dong-gun came to cheer

Ko So-young 'Korean national beauty'

Ko So-young, 'Bling bling'

Ko So-young, still dazzling beauty