Kim Dae-mi Park Seo-joon and the right of the people was disturbed.

Kim Dae-mi Park Seo-joon and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland of the Kiss on the wall.

'Itaewon Club Festival, actor, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with 'straight to you'to change you for the Spoiler cut, the surprise was unveiled.

'Itaewon Club Festival' Park Seo-joon and Kim Dae-mi Kiss in TV viewer ratings of 10% Breakthrough

Kim Dae-mi and Park Seo-joon's love line in earnest at the beginning of 'Itaewon Club Festival' ending much attention to the show.

'Itaewon Club Festival, the unstoppable rise in the viewership 10% Breakthrough.

'Itaewon Club Festival' Kim Dae-mi, Park Seo-joon towards awakening→Kiss..4 times only 10% Breakthrough

'Itaewon Club Festival' Kim Dae-mi Park Seo-joon to star and 'Just last night' Manager has been decided.

"'Only the night'Work in in."..'Itaewon Class' to Kim Dae-mi, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 'evil' Start→Park Seo-joon 'Kiss'

'Romantic floor from the Kim Part 2' Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-kyung In You 'Kiss'..Lee Sung-kyung, the stone hospital 'Residual' determination