"I expected Han Ji-min" .. "Better Late Than Never" Lee Seo-jin, the youngest Kim Yong-gun

'Better Late Than Never' Lee Seo-jin, new youngest Kim Yong-gun, "I thought Han Ji-min was coming"

Lee Seo-jin - Kim Yong-gun 'Bringing together the bright porcelain and the youngest 73-year-old Better Late Than Never'

Shin Gu 'A nostalgic fashion'

Kim Yong-gun, blossoming more than flowers

Baek Il-seob, 'Why is the youngest porter?' (Airport fashion)

Na Young Seok PD 'Lee Seo-jin laughs from behind'

Lee Soon-jae, '83 years old Shin Gu learns from his brother heart '

Lee Seo-jin 'A bright porter'