Sulli is already Summer fashion

Im Yoon-ah, girl charm

Im Yoon-ah, morning, from pure application to~

Im Yoon-ah, restlessly~

Im Yoon-ah in 'As a visual'

Jung Hae In 'A polite belly company'

Jun Ji-hyun 'Department store gaze sweeping'

Jun Ji-hyun hot Samsung mobile just their gaze focused

Jun Ji-hyun 'The footfall'

Yoona, I just walked in.

Jung Hae In 'A plain flower'

Jung Hae In 'Prince Force'

Im Yoon-ah 'Appearing in a department store'

Jung Hae In, walking alone

Jung Hae In, Im Yoon-ah

Im Yoon-ah, 'A sweet dress'

Jung Hae In, Morning Smile

Im Yoon-ah, 'A stupendous real beauty'

Yoon Ah - Jung Hae In, 'A pair that looks good and quiet'

Jung Hae In, 'Making a Heartbreaking Heart'