Samsung Group GFriend member Kim Ye-won with Doll, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Group GFriend's Kim Ye-won the most heart-warming thing to share.

"Lee Min-ho, praised want as long as the perfect" kind of a hit Director 'Kim Ye-won Chuck'

Song Hye-kyo city 'Thanks to the challenge participated in.

GFriend Kim Ye-won, a fork, but listen to your photoshoot..cute pose as the 'Southern sniper'

Girl group 'GFriend' member Kim Ye-won of the Beautiful looks with Snowy Road catching.

Samsung Group GFriend member Kim Ye-won with pure's said.

Lee Soo-man, The EXO Guardian on 'Kim Ye-won Chuck'..Itoda one-shot 'Snowy Road'

EXO guardian 'Kim Ye-won Chuck'

The Guardian, 'Kim Ye-won Chuck a handsome'

EXO guardian 'Kim Ye-won Chuck!'

EXO guardian, Kim Ye-won Chuck

Guardian 'Kim Ye-won Chuck'

EXO Guardian 'My appearance on Kim Ye-won Chuck'

Oh Min-seok variety of attraction containing the male public.

Girl group GFriend's member Kim Ye-won with pure's said.

EXO Chen - Baekhyun ', Kim Ye-won Chuck'

EXO Chanyeol 'Signatures Kim Ye-won Chuck!'

Actor Suho(EXO Guardian)this 28 a.m. in Seoul Jayang-Dong Lotte Cinema building is in progress with The movie 'The Gift' (Director huh Jinho, produced the best planning) special screenings and talks, to attend a posing are.