Oh Sang-jin "Kim So-young and marriage→2 years old, my life the biggest turning point"

Moon Ji-ae status, "Feng Shui and a cut one".. Kim So-young broadcasting-return the axis to

Kim So-young announcer Husband, Oh Sang-jin announcer for affection....

Kim So-young former announcer Husband, Oh Sang-jin 'Billboards Music Awards' in the glad hearts exposed.

MBC announcer-born Kim So-young the BTS 2 of the Queen was celebrated.

MBC announcer-born Kim So-young, this BTS of the Billboards Music Awards Awards in joy....

"BTS Jungkook received from shoes dream" Kim So-young children, or "Prophetic dream feed? 16 and Pregnant news to"

Kim So-young, 'Graceful footsteps'

"A respectable wife" .. "A life bar" Oh Sang-jin's ♥ law for Kim So-young

'A life bar' Oh Sang-jin "My wife Kim So-young, Dark & ​​Wild sign CD storage"

Kim So-young, the bookboy's lovely self 'Oh Sang-jin's beauty'

Oh Sang-jin ♥ Kim So-young, Newlyweds Dharma Travel to the USA "Major League Baseball For All-Star Game"

Kim So-young, half-packed More on the hair Shining Romance Beautiful looks 'Oh Sang-jin'

Kim So-young looking at Yoo Ji-tae

Kim So-young, "Pilates last lesson .. I do not know anything yet."

Kim So-young, beauty "Sailor Moon Transformation"

"Beauty's boss is busy." Lee Ji-ae, Kim So-young

Oh Sang-jin "BTS Deok Woo's wife Kim So-young" I know the secret "

"Beauty's boss is busy." Lee Ji-ae, Kim So-young