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'Nobody knows' Kim Sae-ron, the protagonist Kim type of high school student days Acting

Kim Sae-ron, To the full water right, Beautiful looks..'Mature+refined beauty' iron steel

Kim Sae-ron, Hopi bucket hat to write and the magnificence of 'Hip sensitivity'

'Leverage:a Scam operation top' Jeon Hye-Bin - Kim Sae-ron, pictorial cheek that two-shot! Hand heart+L pose! 'Leverage love' authentication

Actor Kim Sae-ron this makeup and released a photo.

'Flower per' Kim Min-jae, Kim Sae-ron sent Iced coffee Celebratory photo "'Leverage' Fighting"

'Leverage:a Scam operation top'of the thief, Kim Sae-ron this up as a thief Come back that cute in equal measure.

Kim Sae-ron, ABS slightly exposed in public "Autumn"

Well-bred Kim Yoo-jung X Kim So-hyun X Kim Sae-ron, '3 Kim'is the column weight

"stress full and enjoy"..the'Half-holiday' Kim Yoo-jung, Alba+Travel+21-year-old growth(ft. Kim Sae-ron)(comprehensive)

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Yeo Hoe-hyun, 'Leverage' Breath Kim Sae-ron and heart-warming two-shot "Well, let's"

Kim Sae-ron, go to the water to see the visual show..Mature beauty much

Kim Sae-ron, a red cardigan wearing cute and attractive development property..Kwon Kim and two-shot

Kim Sae-ron, if you immerse yourself in a Beautiful looks..AD shooting of receipt

Kim Sae-ron, '1000 million' borrow month that Lee Hong-gi "Where to send me?"

'Well brother' Kim Yoo-jung "Besties Kim Sae-ron, in the other through the worries and advice"

'Knowing Bros' Kim Yoo-jung "Kim Sae-ron, 'I and you'And advice"

Kim Sae-ron "Drop off high school, why? It's not because of acting."