Actor Kim Sa-rang this in the right way.

Kim Sa-rang 'Cold melting smile'

Kim Sa-rang, the Goddess of the hearts

Kim Sa-rang 'My shoes pretty?'

Kim Sa-rang 'Chiffon Dress, sword, and appeared'

Kim Sa-rang 'Call love hearts'

Kim Sa-rang, a long?

"Years stopped."..Kim Sa-rang, Zheng Yi the Goddess

Ha Ji-won 'Dazzling appeared'

Kim Sa-rang 'Elegant hair noodles'

Kim Sa-rang, jeans goes well with her

Kim Sa-rang, are you in your 40s? Beautiful looks during Shining Romance in light makeup

Kim Sa-rang, the chilly early fall weather,

Kim Sa-rang, while the end of the fine king 'Is not it 10 years ago?'

Kim Sa-rang 'A goddess of beauty,'

Kim Sa-rang 'From the boulevard to the charms,'

Kim Sa-rang 'Shining beauty'

Kim Sa-rang, perfect hair style

Kim Sa-rang, Good Man without Humiliation in Close Self