'Home' Jin Se-yeon X Kim Min-kyu→Lee Si-eon, 5 people 5 colors Personality patience and 'New Year recovery♥' thanks Adam for

The 'Home' side "Jin Se-yeon X Kim Min-kyu Kiss on The Verge, as admiration goes, as long as lustrous"

TV CHOSUN special planning Drama, 'Home' Jin Se-yeon - Kim Min-kyu tears hug photo was unveiled.

Actor Kim Min-kyu TV Chosun Saturday the KBS Drama Special 'Home' shooting from the resident received from the Iced coffee gifts was certified.

'Home' Jin Se-yeon, Kim Min-kyu, Lee Yul-em, Yooyoung, Jung Ae-ri, is Mature, such as 6 all white gotta, dismay, such 'Home long hug scandal'these seizures were.

"King of the cages are calling non-Heart touching not..."

Imposing singles for fun fashion magazine 'Single size'sole overseas Love Without Love (Live at Summer Vacation/08 from Beauty, clothing brand Model was that the lighthouse for the information that Jellyfish Entertainment Kim Min-kyu of the information disclosed.

British license fashion & culture magazine 'Business card' eBay 11 March through Kim Min-kyu and in LA with fashion and more to the public.

'Professional education X' Kim Min-kyu, today is Boy beauty, not chic beauty

'Free Edu x101' Kim Min-kyu "Third Idol Producer them behind..2~3 times have had to work hard"

'Producer X 101'on '24 hours a day to appearance'to the National producer in their hearts captive was Kim Min-kyu with First Impressions 181 through the autumn, and contains the screen information to the public.

EXO Guardian, and countless fans in the mouth walking away

Jeremy Renner, sunglasses, headphone help cool

Lee Si-young Sewan Park, and sisters, as

Hyun Joo Lim, the Beautiful looks is pure entertainment that Coriander

Song Seung-heon, dense Eyebrow, dark handsome

Park Min-young, Again The Loco challenge discrimination the Acting show it

Tender, Cho U-jong, and caught his smile

Jo Yoon-hee, Sorn this photoshoot