'All The Butlers' new love, Kim conditions of parents, neighbors in her back and "Enjoy"

Alcoholic drink party and Jung Woo-sung sightings sent in.

Songhayun 'Entangled Chiffon Blouse Entry' (perfect others)

Kim Ji-soo 'From the point of view,'

Kim Ji-soo 'Beautiful beauty even after many years'

Song Ha-yoon 'Dazzling pink chiffon dress'

Yum Jung-ah 'Shortcut hair style Perfect digestion'

'Shortcuts are so pretty.'

Kim Ji-soo 'High-waist pant leg length'

Chae Soo-bin 'Stair climbing tough killing'

Kim Ji-soo, beautiful beauty

Chae Soo-bin 'The ratio is enormous'

Kim Ji-soo, 'Tattoos on the instep'

Kim Ji-soo, 'Unchanging beauty'

"Monday in the rain" .. Kim Ji-soo, beautiful while elegant

Kim Ji-soo also joined the Ice Bucket Challenge and Donation, Yoon Hyun-min Kim Jong Do

L → Go Ah-ra also participated in Ice bucket challenge .. Kim Ji-soo and Nam Ji-hyun