Ethnic Museum and school(the 'Civil' and') a handsome student better.

'Problematic man'in the Folk Museum and school(the Civil and)of the 'Twink'is introduced.

Actor Kim Ji-seok, this 'Camellia need it'in the Breath to align with Kim Kang Hoon and Date to enjoyed.

Actor Kim Ji-seok, this status was introduced.

Actress Gong Hyo-jin the Kim Ji-seok, and Kim Kang-Hoon's Self to the public.

Actor Kim Ji-seok the KBS 2TV be items drama 'Camellia need it' starred actors and friends and took.

Kim Ji-seok, this 'Camellia need it' shooting scene was revealed.

Actor Kim Ji-seok, this child Actor Kim Kang Hoon and taken a two-shot to reveal.

Actor Kim Ji-seok, this Kim Kang Hoon and the heart-warming two-shot was introduced.

Son Dam-bi 'Camellia need it' team in the birthday celebration received.

Kim Ji-seok 8kg increase, "Lee Ji-young feel to 8kg increase"

Actress Gong Hyo-Jin, 'Camellia need it's the relative actor Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, along with photos taken in public.

Actress Gong Hyo-Jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok of the three shots was unveiled.

"Back down."..Jeon So-min, 'Running Man'→'Top star milky' of the year analysis screamer (comprehensive)

'Top stars Milky is' Lee Sang-yeob "Jeon So-min, adlib mm don't want to"

Kim Ji-seok, the 'Top stars keep back the heart-fluttering hearts'

Jeon So-min this 14 afternoon Seoul Yeongdeungpo-GU Yeongdeungpo-Dong Armory hall open in tvN drama 'Top stars Milky is' making presentations to attend.

14 afternoon, at Seoul Yeongdeungpo-GU Yeongdeungpo Times Square open in tvN new bad now the series 'Top stars Milky is' production presentation on the College as a Director, including actor Kim Ji-seok, min, Lee Sang-yeob, back home people were in attendance.

Kim Ji-seok 'So trick or treat neat as a face'