Kim Shin-Young Ahn Young Mi 'I do not like the fancy stage.'

Mountains 'Sweet Greetings'

Place HAN 'See-through fashion from a distance'

Lee Guk-joo, gorgeous costume + make up

'Tocktail 2' certification with beautiful ance

"I was afraid." .. 'Tocktail 2' Confessions of Lucky Twice, Girls' Generation

'Tocktail 2' Lucky Twice Ji Hyo "JYP Idol Producer life for more than 10 years, Singer career worried more"

Glass, "No, wait, why are you so innocent?"

Glass 'The holes in your back are fashion Match Point'

Girls' Generation Glasses' Pretty tongue. '

Kim Je-dong 'The hearts are so happy next to the glass'

Kim Je-dong 'I protect glass'

Glass 'One-Piece Gold Sweeps'

Girls' Generation 'Beautiful looks ~'

"Pure people" .. Lee Seung-hwan, 'A gang meeting' with Joo Jin-woo, Kang Full and Ryoo Seung-wan

Park Mi-sun, "I am more like you than Wannon One. Believe me."

Girls' Generation Yuri, Shooting Romance 'A smiling smile'