Kim Tae-ri, an unrivaled attraction in a unique atmosphere

Byun Yo-han "" Sean Shine "I feel sick when I think about Hee Sung."

'Mr. Sean Shine 'Kim Tae-rivsYoo Yeon-seok, bloody confrontation

'Mr. Sean Shine 'Lee Byung-hun Kim Tae-ri

"Abdominal pain" .. "Mr. Sunshine 'Yoo Yeon-seok

'Mr. Sunshine 'Kim Min-jung, elegant and fascinating fencing "Six hours a day training"

'Mr. Sean Shine 'Kim Tae-ri and Byun Yo-han, two people who have faced each other in 10 years

'Mr. Sunshine 'Lee Byung-hun, Song Joong-ki → Share Syndrome (ft.Kim Eun-sook)

'Accumulated Donation: 300 million' Im Yoon-ah, Kim Jung Sook and two-shot

Byun Yo-han 'How about a beard?'

Lee Byung-hun, Kim Eun-sook