Kim Chaewon this to the fans, and I was.

Within a group Izone Jang Won-young and Kim Chaewon this outstanding visual as Bangkok, and the water they were.

Within a group Izone this overseas schedule 5 6 am Seoul Gangseo Gimpo International Airport via the Tokyo, Japan, as a departure.

Kim Chaewon (Izone) 'Arrival point that explains the footfall'

Izone Kim Chaewon, the fascinating pink hair

Izone Kim Chaewon 'Conservative cosmetic also Shining Romance Beautiful looks'

Izone Kim Chaewon, as long as this as much as I love you

Izone Kim Chaewon, 'Compelling, cute, Beautiful looks~'

[TEN PHOTO]Izone Jang Won-young - Kim Chaewon 'Reflector without Shining Romance human than they'

Izone Kim Chaewon - Lee Chae-yeon, elegance and Entrance

Izone Kim Chaewon - Lee Chae-yeon 'the Same training different feeling'

Within a group Izone(Jang Won-young, and Sakura, FREE, ART, free photo, Yabuki Monaco, Hitomi Honda, River's, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chaewon, Kim Min-Ju, this debt nature), this last 6 days of Japan debut single '好, back I tells young children it it(like say you want to)'sales and local promotions schedule after 9 p.m. Gimpo Airport through the United States.

Izone Hitomi Honda - Kim Chaewon 'Affectionately your arms folded and Return'

Izone Kim Chaewon, 'Lovingly glance'

Izone Kim Chaewon, 'A crowd of Happy Jump - Endless Arcade' (Airport fashion)

'Izone'Kim Chaewon, a devilish smile

'Be D-1'..application★ vs US reaction★ vs often the price★is?

'Be D-1' Examinee idol anyone?..And Chae→Wanna One with a pool with this command

Group Izone this member Kim Chaewon, the number of possible response time to cheer.