Hong table editor Sir, the son of the free of can see all these rage of the return of SBS 'The kind of alley that'('The alley restaurant')this non-drama Topic 1 ranked.

"Hot and dead" .. 'I live alone' Kian84, Cheomseongdae front authentication shot

'Alone' Henry Lau, Kian84 and a friendly two-shot .. "I'll be back soon."

Kian84, China Henry Lau and the bed "Self not a gay couple"

Lee Si-eon, Kian84 and the charming "jerk" charm .. "water play"

"Who look EXO" .. 'A special lecture' by 'Alone' Kian84

"Who look EXO" .. 'A special lecture' by 'Alone' Kian84

Lee Si-eon, 'jerk' with my brother .. "Handsome ~ fool 84 ~ first photo"

Kian84, Park Na-rae X Samsondi and three-point shot 'This combination crush'

Ginger 84-degree Ice Bucket Challenge, 24 hours later, $ 100 Donation

Kian84, "It's a memorial to the 200th anniversary of the reinstatement .. You've already spent four years."