'Kim Byoung-su' Kang Ki-young "Park Seo-joon, breathing best."

"Park Seo-joon → So Ji-sub Friends" .. 'Kim Byoung-su' Kang Ki-young's 'Ten days'

'Hattu 3' Kang Ki-young "Park Seo-joon - Park Min-young Rumor? I know a room."

'Kim Byoung-su' Kang Ki-young "I made fun of Park Seo-joon for fun."

'A masterpiece assistant' Kang Ki-young "Kyeong Seok is a really flexible actor"

'Kim Byoung-su' Kang Ki-young "Kiss god Park Seo-joon and Seo Hurim both laugh the sea"

Kang Ki-young "Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young Love airflow NO .. Always watch your manner"

Kang Ki-young "" Kim, Seo Hurim and Kiss god, I was so nervous for the first time. "

'Kim Byoung-su' Kang Ki-young "3 years old Young girlfriend with two years of friendship"