Kang Ji-hwan 'Charisma hand greeting' (Too Young to Die Party with staff)

Kang Ji-hwan 'Eye sure the offset is the Party with the staff fashion' (Too Young to Die Party with staff)

Yu Garden 'Right for give PC ultra.'

'Too Young to Die' {"code":200,"lang":"EN-en","text":[" Kang Ji-hwan X Baek Jin-hee, Awards, one each in the exchange

Kang Ji-hwan 'Sweet Guy'

'What's up'

Ryu Hyun Kyung 'The charm that induces only the onset'

Baek Jin-hee - Kang Ji-hwan 'Chief, look over there.'

Baek Jin-hee and Kang Ji-hwan,

Park Sol-mi, watch your shoes