'Radio Star' Seong-gyu "Kang Ha-neul and EXO Xiumin and Yoon Sung if Without End can"

Ahn Jae-hong Tu information to the public.

TWICE JEONGYEON, Kang Ha-neul 'Steamed' fans authentication..'Camellia' shooting tour

Chung-Ang University 'Fantasy shoes'of Kang Ha-neul, the more popular, original New compatible gig culture, with theater, plus a 1 in the sign and decorations.

11 November in the race for the KBS 2TV 'Camellia need it through'before and after look to overlook that the viewers gaze is certainly a change as much as 'For'to touch him.

French actress and Director Melanie Laurent is Kang Ha-neul's ideal type as a cited source have revealed.

Actor Kang Ha-neul of the ideal type known as the French Actor and Director Melanie Laurent is the 'Running Man'has starred in.

'Running Man' Melanie Laurent himself ideal type with the ignition and Kang Ha-neul in the crush was seen.

Kang Ha-neul photoshoot is public, no topic of.

Actress Gong Hyo-jin this 'Camellia need it' shooting scene was revealed.

Actress Gong Hyo-jin this 'Camellia need it in'Kang Ha-neul and this specific attack I was.

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