Korea's representative music platform Soribada held by the '2020 Soribada Awards'Popularity Award Voting are in full swing with the lives of popular male idol they are playing and are.

Kang, Daniel, Black Panther Daniel vs pastel Daniel..Romantic charm

'Soribada Awards' this Voting →Kang Daniel with EXO and BTS, etc player

'2020 Soribada Awards' main prize Voting begins, EXO and BTS and TWICE with Kang Daniel and im a hero as a candidate(official)

Singer Kang Daniel of W. eBay 7 June photoshoot, selected by the public, no topic has.

Kang Daniel, Kiss my kisses want to get Star # 1..Park Bo-gum 2 for X Hero 3 for

Kang, Daniel, 'Kiss my'to kiss you would like to receive Style 1 for selected..Park Bo-gum 2 for

Singer Zico and Kang Daniel's BET Hip Hop Award for Best Helps, Duo or Gr song 'Refresh(refresh)'is revealed.

Kang Daniel "My name? Burden crushed beneath him, but the swing won't"

EXO Guardian 'Self-portrait', Gaon Music Chart 14 car Weekly Album # 1

Singer Kang Daniel this warm weather fit clean attractive bunch of poised to.

'Running Man' Hwang Young hee, Kang Daniel in the Fan center "I the Person"

'Running Man' Hwang Young hee, Kang, Daniel and the team to be a hint for 'Dublin'

'Running Man' Kang Daniel, "Ready to comeback" in the former and '2U' choreography.. "Footfall light,"

'Running Man' Kang Daniel, 3 years on a new song with comeback dates and

'Running Man' Kang Daniel, opening for dance song '2U' public

'Running Man' Kang Daniel "Authentic comeback preparing" song '2U' choreography revealed

'Running Man' Kang Daniel, new song '2U' surprise reveal "Ready to comeback"..this is a comeback

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-Soo, Accident injury→return..crutches straw and appeared

Kang, Daniel London, Birmingham Batman 'Family play' scramble