EXO Kai, black and white through and came out a handsome 'A living piece'

EXO Kai, come Black made of Aura.."Ratio, Clijsters struck"

EXO Kai, nephew and Happy Birthday "1 May hi"

EXO Kai, the birthday Cake in front of the Happiness a man..a heart-warming day

EXO Kai part one for you for end up..2Z says role model

"In the mirror, EXO Kai is"..Silhouette finish deadly 'Sexy beauty'

'A rice salon' channel, or "EXO Kai and BTS Jimin and stage and Alpha..too good"

'A costly salon' Channel One, BTS Jimin+EXO Kai Love call

BTS Jimin and EXO Kai towards the 'Fan center' bared or.."'Tapgol line means' Now!!!"

'A costly salon' channel, or "BTS Jimin - EXO Kai and joint stage, and"

'A costly salon' channel, or "EXO Kai X BTS Jimin, joint performances and features" Fan center

Roo'ra Channel One "BTS Jimin and EXO Kai charms in this..joint concert of hope"

'A rice salon' Channel One, BTS Jimin and EXO Kai's confession "Joint performance information and files"

'A rice salon' channel, or "EXO Kai and BTS Jimin and joint performances, and"..Fan center 'Explosion'

EXO Kai, a handsome brimming with visual proud 'Again, nice make strap'

EXO Kai, Milan, she comes 'Species'this

EXO Kai, a bow is also cool Kai 'Airport fashion'

EXO Kai, the charismatic eyes 'Airport fashion'

EXO Kai, bumpy red Airport fashion

EXO Kai, Gree eyes light up, 'Airport fashion'