Actor Jung Hae In this 'Spring night'is mentioned.

'New Embassy By command'of the title crawl, Shin Se-kyung, this extreme led to a 'Want to stop' Actor's potential to exert a growth industry.

'A new building for the command' Cha Eun-woo, Shin Se-kyung to an impressive wall location to try to seize

Actor Shin Hye-sun this KBS Drama Special End after the sun, like a smile in the right way.

KBS Drama Special heroine in the title name to view the building 14 years ago will be broadcast MBC KBS Drama Special 'My name is Kim Yi' when one was popular corny little life can be.

② 'Lion' Woo Do-hwan "Screen first starring Salman Khan burden than public art and accountability"

Actor cum singer Lee Ji-eun(IU), this KBS Drama Special 'Hotel Del one day'in the starring Yeo Jin-goo and of eagerness for the two-shot was introduced.

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Lost Souls and hero of the combine.. this summer churning out the priests

'New Embassy By command' Shin Se-kyung of the tax year the ...

The first broadcast from the same time period, viewership 1 for a prestige drama of the birth of Arlene MBC can KBS Drama Special 'A new building for the command'(a play Kim Lake ⅰ rendering the river water, Han Hyun-Hee ⅰ production green snake media)the pole viewership # 1, of course, the topic index in the overwhelming # 1 and Lily Fever KBS Drama Special row of information showed.

Woo Do-hwan "Front only look and run better, now enjoy the future it"

'Midnight Runners'→'Lion' Park Seo-joon and Kim, Joo hwan Director, grossing pay failure continues

Romance dealing with the KBS Drama Special in the most common material, 'A triangular relationship'again.

'Melo is sifted' Chun Woo-Hee, just look at delightful charm

KBS Drama Special 'New Embassy By command'at Cha Eun-woo with Shin Se-kyung in front of collapsed.

Park Seo-joon 'Lion'in fresh "River location close to New pursue"