Song Hye-kyo is now winter Bada each other romantic..deep atmosphere Actor Aura

Han Ji-min, time to go backwards while the terminal

Han Ji-min, emerged from the shiny, Beautiful looks

Wall new, Guardian direction, And also one of affection and it is OK.

EXO Guardian, Crosswalk runway~

EXO Guardian, Wall new Manager because of bread with laughter

EXO Guardian, Wall new Manager of affection unnerving~

Wall new, celebrity before-you Manager

Wall new, long bag dispenser EXO Guardian Daily Manager

Adriatic Valley, or green carpet in pin flowers~

Adriatic Valley, or passionate Korean fans and

EXO Guardian, pictorial, like the close-up visuals

EXO Guardian, nice roots and Departure

Wall new, the strap tension release that won't protect your daily Manager

'EXO managers Experience' Wall new, bodyguards more than a serious expression

EXO Guardian, The Black Panther is a gorgeous Match Point

'Walkman' Wall new, EXO Guardian pose, letting Manager

EXO Guardian, black padding on the intense red hair

EXO Guardian, school numerous daily Manager Wall new bread with laughter

EXO Guardian, Daily Manager Wall new view only for laughing