Jung Yong-hwa, Unsolicited entrance No suspicion, no suspicion .. 'End of controversy for 9 months'

Jung Yong-hwa, Unsolicited entrance Uncensored .. Prosecution "There was no business interrupt intention."

Jung Yong-hwa, "I look back on myself." (Professional)

Jung Yong-hwa "Celebrity non-soldier Jung Yong-hwa, have a good time"

CNBLUE 4 people active enlistment → 2020 until the full blank

Kang Min-hyuk and Lee Jung-Shin joined the United States Army Active Duty on 31st. "It's not a companion."

From BIGBANG to Go Kyung-pyo ★ Military service and Degree forgery and controversy

CNBLUE without Jung Yong-hwa, friendship trip with only 3 Switzerland

"arrive!" CNBLUE, Military service Excluding Jung Yong-hwa 3 Friends Friendship Travel