Jung Woo-sung→Jung Hae In and EXO Guardian..BIFF towards the ★of finger hearts

Actor ago also show the movie 'Straw even look like beasts'in the first one with Actor Jung Woo-sung and shooting were awkward and embarrassed to help exposed.

Conduction delay, 'Next is Jung Woo-sung and the first Breath' (Busan International Film Festival)

Actor ago also show Jung Woo-sung and Breath to fit and were awkward and confessed.

The 24th Busan International Film Festival open talk-'Birthday'this December 10 5 p.m. Busan Haeundae-GU movie of an outdoor stage in the progress was.

Conduction delay "Start in the Jung Woo-sung and the first Breath, the first shot sometimes were awkward"

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung 'Busan International Film Festival came'

"Variety seeking"..leap towards 'The film's Bada'to depart

Jung Woo-sung, a living piece

Jung Woo-sung, 'piece the same side~' (Busan International Film Festival)

Jung Woo-sung - Lee Ha-nui "Venice Film Festival Opening Ceremony Social Charge did"

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung, 'The opening ceremony is our responsibility to take' (Busan International Film Festival)

Jung Woo-sung, South Korea representative handsome

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung 'This is contrary to outside'

Opening ceremony of the society, Jung Woo-sung "Typhoon Haiyan victims of unfortunate news..deep for it."

"Take my eyes off you can't"..Lee Ha-nui and Jung Woo-sung, visual MC

Busan International Film Festival, 24-second flight to start..★with Ten Days festival

Busan International Film Festival Jung Woo-sung, Hand greeting to cool off Explosion

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung "the Venice Film Festival, our society looks"

Lee Ha-nui - Jung Woo-sung "the Venice Film Festival, our society looks"