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'Beyond the wall is' Bong Joon-ho and Ma Dong-Seok, my room is exacted Jung Woo-sung

In the 1990s a representative youth star Jung Woo-sung&sue video of the movie 'Bit' Production report society at the time of the story, all 'The time machine TV'to the public.

Jung Woo-sung, 'the Daily pictorial' excellent little expression with low price

①Jung Woo-sung "5 6 - +25 years, but the first blue dragon smoke more Awards..'hate of'This was"(Interview)

②Jung Woo-sung "The first Blue Dragon starring Salman Khan more Awards than me, friend Lee Jung-jae the more pleased to"

The Korean Film Production Association work on the 'Hummingbird'..the Director is Bong Joon-ho

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae's Valentine.."Share of 28%, exclusive 1"

Emergency education and camp in the visual character hack Learning to apply the law for the 'Dog bone notes' CF-1 disclosed.