Actress Jung Eun-chae's pictorial was unveiled.

Jung Eun-chae 'Long wild hair only for Beautiful looks'

Jung Eun-chae, alluring Beautiful looks

Jung Eun-chae, 'Airport fashion nerves I wrote.'

Jung Eun-chae, 'Coat's sword, and'

Jung Eun-chae, 'The wind, fluttering mood Goddess'

"The wind finished with"..Jung Eun-chae, the climax of pure

Jung Eun-chae 'Pictorial-like gait'

Jung Eun-chae 'Chic leather long jacket'

Jung Eun-chae 'Crossing the runway'

Jung Eun-chae 'The film appeared as the same'

Actress Jung Eun-chae of the elegant charm Camera in front unfolded.

Jung Eun-chae 'Pure Beautiful looks of the best'

Jung Eun-chae,'For posing'

Jung Eun-chae,'Lovely eyes'

Jung Eun-chae,'Graceful entry'

Jung Eun-chae 'White jade-like skin'

Jung Eun-chae near the situation said.

Jung Eun-chae, 'A bright smile'

Jung Eun-chae, 'A brilliant head turn'