True, 'Progress pretty'

Flood Prefecture, close-up to call Beautiful looks

Flood, a White City on A chinchilla to Airport fashion of the complete

Flood, fire like hair over and~

Flood, now naturally smile~

Flood, travel in the mood~

Flood, fascinating greeting

Flood, hair elastic

WINNER Lee Seung Hoon 'Gaze grabs appeared'

WINNER, 'Awesome suit, fit'

WINNER Song Min-ho, 'Chic eyes'

WINNER Lee Seung-Hoon, 'Set the moment'

The battle Yugyeom-JB fans, surrounded by Departure

I GOT7 Jackson, of Outdoor of cute hearts maker~

I GOT7 Jackson, overseas schedules and Entrance

I GOT7 Jackson, Manager type. thanks.