Seoul Independent Film Festival of 'The Actor project-60-second monologue festival'is planned for the Actor the right to available and the year on the power state of the Actor Jo Woo-jin's pictorial and Interview with 12 June in public was.

Jung Woo-sung "All with Thank You"..Bong Joon-ho and Cho Yeo-jeong and blue dragon after-party

'Parasites' Blue Dragon Film Awards 5 golds..Jung Woo-sung and Cho Yeo-jeong starring more, Jo Woo-jin and this is the nature of

Jung Woo-sung Cho Yeo-jeong Li Jing is Jo Woo-jin, dazzling with trophy

Jo Woo-jin Li Jing is Cho Yeo-jeong Jung Woo-sung, Happiness one smile!

Jo Woo-jin - this is - Cho Yeo-jeong - Jung Woo-sung, Happiness for Haru

Yoo Ji-tae - Ryu Jun-yeol - Jo Woo-jin, 'Money'and it clicks

Ryu Jun-yeol - Yoo Ji-tae - Jo Woo-jin, 3 3 colors fashion 'Money'

Kim Hye 'Gaze focused tightly dressed up in costume entry'

Yoo Ah-in 'Handsome cool full'

Kim Hye 'The years out of that beauty'

Yoo Ah-in 'Any man can fit'

Kim Hye 'Replace, healthy children'

Kim Hye-Soo, Yoo Ah-in, and Heo Joon-ho, Jo Woo-jin 'Anyone recognize the best actors'

Bae Doona 'A delightful smile' (the Drug King Production report society)

Kim So-jin 'More'

Kang-Ho Song 'Bae Doona to help with the fun that is'

Jo Jung-suk 'Awesome new love'

Kang-Ho Song "'Drug King'Of the Drug King."